CCEB visit to the Botanic Gardens

Fifty students from the Pre-Int classes visited the Botanical Garden on the 31 March.

Before the trip they did a couple of conversation activities at CCEB, where they learnt about the different types of plants.

On the Friday morning they caught a bus to the Botanic Gardens. Then they had fun walking round the gardens trying to find the different plants they had learnt about. The ‘Meat eating’ plant were especially popular!

One of the students even tried eating one of the plants. She thought it was a sweet potato!

On the way back they said they all enjoyed the day and found the conversation helped their English.

Where should we go for our next trip?


Ian Saunders, CCEB Teacher

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5 thoughts on “CCEB visit to the Botanic Gardens

  1. I enjoyed the trip very much!!!
    I saw many interesting plants.
    I brought my DSLR camera and took many pictures.
    I knew that there are hiking tracks in the gardens.
    I’d like to try them!! And I recommend that you visit the gardens too!!

  2. Wow!! Fantastic experience, and I enjoyed my time in the gardens.
    I took many photos and videos with our classmates.
    Every photo looks funny and interesting.
    I have lived in Cairns for two years, but actually I have never been to the botanical garden before.
    But now I love it so much.
    It has so many different plants , flowers, and butterflies.
    Everything was amazing.
    Thanks Cairns College of English & Business (CCEB)
    I love this big family :))

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Stefanie! We’re always happy to hear our students feel at home here! Enjoy your time at CCEB and Cairns!

  3. I went to the Botanic Garden about two weeks ago. I saw beautiful plants and some birds. It was at good time. I was happy to be able to see it free. I didn’t know that there was such a beautiful plant park in Cairns. I want to go there again with my classmate next.

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