Travelling in Europe

One of my many passions is travelling. I’ve traveled in Europe a lot and I have also visited many beautiful cities  in Italy, my country of birth. I’ve been to Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary and many other parts of Italy.

I have to say that each of these countries is wonderful and even though they are so close to each other, they are so different at the same time. Travelling around Europe is fast, easy and convenient because Europe has an extensive network of motorways, railway stations, airports and therefore most cities are very easy to reach. Flight fares are so cheap that you can spend your weekend everywhere you want, for example I used to leave for a foreign country at the end of each week  together with my girlfriend or my friends because I love making new friendships, seeing new places, meeting people from other parts of the world and sharing experiences with them. I believe that is the best way to improve myself and to work on my personal growth.

As far as Italy is concerned, I`ve visited Florence, the capital city of Rome, Pisa, Milan and Naples but in my opinion the best Italian city is Venice because it is so romantic and lovely, specially during the night. There are buildings from different epochs, small alleyways and old bridges across the canals that divide the whole city, because the strangest thing about Venice is that there are no roads, no cars and no bicycles but just canals crossed by “gondolas”, typical small boats. The best time to visit this beautiful city is from 28 January to 14 February during the carnival, where you can see lots of people from many parts of the world with wonderful vintage costumes and participate in the award ceremony of the best costume of the year. There are many other reasons to visit Venice but for now I believe is enough to attract your curiosity… Remember, if you want to come to Europe one day, don’t forget to visit this city and enjoy its wonderful history.

Alessandro, Upper-Intermediate B

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