See you again people!

Perhaps, this is my last time writing for the school blog. At least, it will probably be the last time writing from Australia. My graduation was last month and I had so many people there to whom I needed to say thank you, but I decided to not mention it in my speech because I was afraid of becoming too emotional in front of everyone.

Such is my fondness with school that I’m coming here often even after I graduated. I’m refusing to leave, even if it’s high time I did it. I’ve met incredible people here and I think that is what is keeping me coming back again and again. Therefore, as I am better writing than speaking, I will use this post to show my gratitude to all the people who made this experience unforgettable.

I started in intermediate class with Sissa as my first teacher. I had to recognise that at that time I often only used present tenses, even if I wanted to talk about the past. I knew some words but I didn’t know how to use the right grammar or the verbs in the past. I can say that it was Sissa who gave a good grounding to my English, because with her I learnt so many structures, but this is not the only thing that I am grateful for. I had lots of fun with her and learnt to smile often; I learnt it was all right to be odd and have fun no matter what. Sissa also supported me when I was trying to get used to this new life at the same time I was trying to say goodbye to my old one. I went through hardship, but Sissa was with me all the way.

Afterwards, I enrolled in Customer Service Course during which I could relax and developed new skills. It was Justyna who was my teacher then, but I had met her before, at the blogging club. She helped me to practise my writing, and I think this pushed my English up. So by the time I went back to General English I just stayed one week in upper intermediate class with Neda, who immediately sent me to the advanced class. Justyna, you are such a cheerful woman, I will always feel grateful to you for encouraging me to write, for being patient and allowing me to take all the time I needed it for writing a post.

I was so afraid when I was levelled up and I thought about starting again in elementary level several times. But Ben would never allow me to do that. He has the ability to see in us our potential even though we are not able to see it.  It is so frustrating to get to that level because all the things you think you know are just an infinitesimal part of this language. Ben helped me to overcome this feeling and after a few weeks I turned into a witty person and I completely lost my fear of behaving ridiculously or making mistakes. Poor Ben, maybe I was too funny. When I was sorting papers from school I noticed how much I improved during my time in his class. Dear Ben, I need to say thank you for allowing me to have fun in your class, for pushing me and my classmates to learn more and more, for doing test for us every day because I was secretly having fun you know; and moreover, for always been there to talk with me or to correct my diary.

I had wonderful classmates, if I mention them this post might be endless but at least I should mention my South American family Flavio, Jus and Deisy thanks to them I never felt alone here. My little Japanese sister Haruka, I still remember the first time that we talk about our fears and feelings and we were surprise about how much has our English improve and how complicated things we could describe, thanks for teaching me Japanese and for been so patient with me. I need to mention Carol, too! Otherwise she will complain, we moved together to the advanced class and we were equally afraid of it, but with time we improved a lot and it was always really nice to have you as my classmate. Minori, Emi, Ryuto, Marina, Gabriel, Bruno, Sandra, Petra, Madeleine, Mai, and Elisa I will always remember you guys.

When I still was in Chile wondering about coming or not it was Carolina who helped me, she was always available to answer my questions, to guide me in the process and to encourage me. This experience would not have been the same without her help, so I’m really grateful for that.

I don’t want to say goodbye because I want to meet you again. So, see you people! We will meet again…hopefully.

Berta Contreras

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  1. You are still in my heart, my sister:) I’ll never forget those funny days with you! See you in Chile? Japan? Or Cairns again??:)

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