Our Fitzroy Island trip

On 5th November 2017, we went to Fitzroy Island. We had been excited about our trip before we even took the boat. While we were going there, we could see bush burning off.

After we got there, the enjoyment started. First, we tried to do SUP (stand up paddle). It was our first SUP time so we didn’t do well. Even though we fell off the board again and again, we kept trying to stand up on it.  During our SUP session, we met a Brazilian woman and became friends with her.

Our huge lunch at Foxy’s Bar

About 12 o’clock we got hungry. We decided to eat lunch at Foxy’s Bar which is famous for its scenery.

We ordered two hamburgers and one wedge potatoes. But instead we got one burger and wedge potatoes. We thought that a restaurant staff member had made a mistake so we went back to the counter and explained what had happened to us. The staff apologized and gave us one more burger for free. It was our first stroke of luck. After we’d gotten our lunch, we realized that it was too much to eat. Some people stared at our table. Of course, we gave up eating all our food.

In the afternoon we decided to take a glass-bottom boat because we had been interesting in it since we had received our tour tickets. We later discovered our reservation hadn’t included the glass bottom boat. It was our travel agency’s mistake. Although we hadn’t added that option, we could take part in it. That was our second stroke of luck. I hope you guys don’t blame us for that. We had realized the boat was not free only after we came back home!

Besides what I said before, we could enjoy snorkelling and kayaking too. It was an amazing experience. We had experienced snorkelling several times but snorkeling on Fitzroy’s beach was special. The fish were swimming in shallow water near the sand. Most of all, we spotted a ray and a sea turtle! Also, the landscape that we saw from the kayak was beautiful beyond description. We think what we could experience and feel is another stroke of luck. If you haven’t been to Fitzroy Island, we want you to go there and enjoy what the Island has to offer!

Sienna (Upper-Int) and Hikaru (Int)


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  1. Hi guys~!
    I heard about Fitzroy Island for the first time.
    It seems so much fun . I would like to go there.
    Your photos are very awesome 🙂

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