Life in Belgium

Hi, my name is David and I’m Belgian. I would like to speak about my country: Belgium, in Europe.

In my country, we can speak three languages: French, German and Dutch. Most people speak French while in the north of Belgium Dutch is very popular.

But in school, we also learn English. So I speak French, English and a little bit of Dutch.

The capital of Belgium is Brussels.

We have a very good soccer team thanks to the famous players like Eden Hazard from Chelsea in England (number 10 in the photo below) or Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City (number 7 in the photo below).

Usually, Belgian people like to joke or use self-mockery. It’s important to laugh every day. Charlie Chaplin said “A day without laughter is a day wasted. “

Mussels and hot chips
Hot chips with melted cheese

The national dishes in Belgium are mussels with potatoes and chips. I like chips with hot cheese very much. It’s my favourite meal in Belgium.

It’s customary for men to kiss their female friends on one cheek. It’s common. We have a beach in the north of Belgium. During the summer, it’s a very popular destination.

If one day, you would like to travel in Europe, you have to make a stop in Belgium and I will be your guide.

Thank you for reading.

David, Intermediate B


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3 thoughts on “Life in Belgium

  1. David!!

    I noticed and found out the reason that you’re very fun in our class. 🙂

    And, if I have a chance to travel to Europe,
    I’ll visit your country to watch your fabulous soccer play.

    I hope that you’re always happy.

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