My second family

I stayed for a month at a homestay where the host mother is from Fiji and the father from Sri Lanka. They have two brothers who are 4 and 14 years old. In addition, they are looking after a boy, too. He is 4 years old so the two of them are the same age. When I enter any room in the house, I must take off the shoes because this house follows Indian culture which is similar to Japan.

A lot of spices and coconut milk are used in making all the meals. My family can’t eat meat excluding chicken every day and can’t eat it on Friday because of religious beliefs. The host mother runs a day care service at home and the father works at two or more places, however I don’t know any details. After school, I used to play with my host brothers every day and go out with the family every Sunday.

Some people said to me: ‘You’re unlucky because your family are not Aussie.’ However, I love my host family. This family are the best for me. I sometimes wanted some time to myself oneself. On the other hand, I made some really happy memories thanks to them. On Sunday I moved to share house so we don’t live together anymore. I miss them already. I appreciate them very much. J always cooked delicious food, Mike worried about me, Aryan helped me and Leo and Denim played with me every day. I am looking forward to seeing them again! I am fortunate to have my second family in Cairns.

Aoi, Intermediate B

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3 thoughts on “My second family

  1. This is a good story!! I’ve stayed in homestay too. It was a good opportunity for me because I could get to know different cultures.

  2. Nice story!! It is wonderful to have children grow together. Even though culture is different, the feelings are the same. Great!!

  3. I stayed with a non Australian family too and I felt so lucky to have the chance to live wit them for a month. They also have a son with whom I spent a lot of time playing, after almost a year I still remember and miss him.

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