Japanese Doll Festival

As part of their weekly speaking assessment, CCEB students are sometimes asked to prepare PowerPoint presentations on various topics. This week, Pre-Intermediate A students were studying about different festivals and they had to make a presentation about a popular festival of their choice. Yuri researched some very interesting information on Japanese Doll Festival (or Girls’ Day). See her presentation below:

I will introduce a traditional Japanese festival called The Hinamatsuri. Hinamatsuri is also called The Doll’s Festival. It’s an annual festival which takes place every March 3rd.


The beginning is more than a thousand years ago. It’s the day to pray for the healthy growth and happiness of young girls. Most families with young girls will set up a display of Hina dolls. It’s called Hina-ningyo.


Each Hina Ningyo wears a Heian period court costume.

Traditional food

We eat traditional food like Chirashi-sushi, clam soup, hina arare and  hishimochi . Chirashi-sushi  is many kinds of raw fish. Salmon roe and shrimp are used.  It’s beautiful and really delicious! Hina arare is a colourful rice cake.  It’s popular food for children. Hishimochi  is in the form of a diamond. Shirozake is popular with adults but I don’t like it.

Everyone sings a song. This song is called “Ureshii Hinamatsuri”.

Yuri, Pre-Intermediate A

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