My first day in Cairns

My first day in Cairns was very beautiful. When I arrived, I was very nervous but at the same time very excited. When I was leaving the airplane, the view was fascinating because the sky with the mountains was an awesome combination. Next, I was nervous because after a long time I was to get to know “my family” here in Cairns. When I was waiting for my baggage, the Suttons family approached me and they gave me a big hug with a lot of smiles. Still, I was very nervous because they were saying something to me, but they spoke very fast and I couldn’t understand at the beginning. When we were in the car, I started to understand more, and I gained more fluency in the conversation with them.

When we arrived at home, I was shown my room, which is very comfortable and is too big for me. We came a few hours too late for me to meet Corban and Ashlynn, the son and daughter. I couldn’t meet them because they were studying at the time.  When they were having their lunch, they invited me to join in. I could see that there were a lot different things because in Colombia only one person hands out the food, maybe the mother or the grandmother…. but here each person serves his /her food. In the middle of the lunch, my new family started to ask about my country and my family. It was at this moment that I gave them some sweets and coffee from Colombia. They were very surprised because they liked the coffee a lot of, and I think that the Colombian coffee is better than the Australian one.

Finally, I am very happy because Cairns is comfortable and there are a lot of places that I can go to with my new friends from different countries.

Luisa, Intermediate


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One thought on “My first day in Cairns

  1. When you are arrive in a new country, it is very important to find people that can help you.
    You can be confused and excited with new experiences.
    You are going to get to know new people, food and a different language.

    Thanks, have a good day.

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