Happy Birthday Natsuki

On June 2nd, I ate out with Yoshiho and Natsuki because we wanted to celebrate Natsuki’s birthday. Natsuki and I started at CCEB almost at the same time and also in the same class so we are close friends but our characters are totally different. She is very serious therefore studies English every day, always comes to school on time and is really active. On the other hand, I am lazy, often avoid studying and I’m optimistic so I respect that she’s different.

When I arrived in Cairns, I made so many new friends who have already gone back to their countries because of short-term studies. Natsuki and I are staying  in Cairns until April. In addition, our hometowns are very close so when we go back to Japan, we can meet easily. I think it is destiny.

We booked a restaurant, whose name is Waterbar and Grill, located near the Pier. The meeting time was 1 pm but everyone was late because Natsuki and I went to the Woolshed on Friday and got back to the house in middle of the night. On Saturday I sent Natsuki a text because her house is next to my boyfriend’s house, therefore I wanted to go together but she didn’t reply so I was worried about her. Finally, I called her and she said to me “I woke up just now.”, so funny.

We ate some steaks and drank beer like on a Sundaysesh. We gave message card to her and she was very pleased with it!! Our plan was successful!!!!

Aoi, FCE













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One thought on “Happy Birthday Natsuki

  1. Happy Birthday Natsuki~~! 🙂
    She would have had a very happy birthday.
    And Yoshiho, Aoi ,I think they seem to be good friends!.
    I hope their friendship will last forever~~~.

    They are so pretty and beautiful!!!~~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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