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Hi, I’m Sayuri and I’m from Japan. I’ve been studying English for 11 months. I’ve already stayed here for 5 months. I’m staying in a sharehouse so I’m always cooking something for myself.

When I came here, I had stayed in a homestay. Therefore, my host mother cooked my meals every day. She is good at cooking!! She cooked steak, grilled chicken, pasta, hamburgers and so on. I always looked forward to eating my mother’s dishes. All of them were scrumptious. I was happy that I could have Australian food. I really appreciated it.

I moved to my sharehouse a few months ago. I live by myself for the first time in my life so I was glad that I can cook my food every day. I cooked fried rice, pasta and soup but I had a little repertoire of dishes. Therefore, I often made the same meals all the time. I get tired of cooking the same menu. And I miss Japanese food.

I’ve had an idea recently. I cooked Japanese style mixed rice, a rice ball and an egg roll. When I lived in Japan, my mother always cooked them. I brought back the same menu. I couldn’t cook like my mother but I felt homesick for Japanese dishes. I didn’t cook it perfectly but I can enjoy eating Japanese foods.

I hope that I will be good at cooking Japanese food soon.

Sayuri, Intermediate

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4 thoughts on “Japanese food

  1. Yeah_In my case, when I went on a trip abroad, I missed my national food every single day.
    Moreover, because of food of my country, I suffered from homesickness.

    By the way, you can cook your national food. It’s so nice and better than in my situation.
    I think you will be a good cook soon and I want try your dishes.

  2. Hello.I’m Japanese. I really sympathize with you. I miss Japanese food.
    I want to eat sushi, okonomiyaki and miso soup now. But I’m not good at cooking Japanese food.
    When I go back to Japan, I will eat a lot of Japanese food. I’m looking forward to it!

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