The way to enjoy Cairns lifestyle

Hello guys,

I will tell you how you can enjoy events in Cairns. I’ve been here for 2 weeks but I have participated in lots of events. It was thanks to SNS, especially Facebook.

I’m not good at using Social Networking Sites. In the past I thought they could make me addicted, but it was my prejudice. I just considered only one side. Now, I believe SNS could be very useful and helpful for strangers like me.

There was an upcoming event schedule with all the details on Facebook. There was a lot of information regarding Cairns. Everything was in there. The entrance fees to most events were zero or just 1 dollar. If you just have 1 dollar, you can enjoy lots of events and parties. In my case I participated in 3 events on the last weekend. I was also given many gifts. I was happy and felt that I lost sense of time.

Even though I didn’t have any time to relax, I was satisfied with my weekend activities. That’s why I recommend that you guys use SNS for looking up events in your Cairns life. You just log in to Facebook! Very easy!

I hope to meet you guys at the next event.


Jung, Intermediate

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3 thoughts on “The way to enjoy Cairns lifestyle

  1. Thank you for the good information. 🙂
    I need to find out more about them through SNS and Facebook.
    I think it will be really fun to make memories, receive gifts.

    I’m going to look for it right away~~~~~ :):):):)

  2. Hi Jung!
    That is really interesting information. I always use Facebook but I’ve just noticed it.
    I’m looking for events on my Facebook account and I’ve found a lot of them, you can choose the category that you are interested in and save it in your calendar, so Facebook can remind you about it.
    Thanks for sharing your experience! 😀

  3. WOW~ My best friend~ Jung!! 🙂
    I found that I could enjoy a lot in Cairns at an affordable price.
    We’re going to be part of the Cairns event.
    Thanx Jung!! 🙂 = [ My best friend Jung has a pretty face and a good personality. ]

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