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Hello, everyone. Thank you for reading my post. How was your weekend? Of course, I didn’t go anywhere because I was searching on Google: ”How to distinguish this person is a boy or a girl?” My female friend has a boyfriend but he looks like a girl! In the end, Google gave me the best answer. It was “Let’s go to a hotel with this person and stay the night.” Hey Google, do you know it is really rude and highly risky for me. You ought to study humans more.

Today, I’m writing about “Psychology testing.” When I was child, I was always reading psychology books because I was interested in psychology. I think it is very funny because you know what kind of person the person is just by answering the questions. If I have an opportunity to study psychology, I would like to do it.

Now, I will ask you some questions. Let’s find out more about your personality!

Test number one: One day, I found a cabinet which has four drawers. Something dropped on the floor. They were your house keys, a five cent coin, a spoon and a bouquet of flowers. If you need to put all the objects into the cabinet, where will you put what? However, only one item can be placed in one drawer.

Test number two: When you were dreaming, your boyfriend or girlfriend lost one body part. Which one did he or she lose?

1.Eye                   2.Hand                3.Leg                4.Heart

Could you give me your answer in the comments?  I’m going to tell you what kind of personality you have. Thank you very much!

Jumpei, Intermediate A

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4 thoughts on “Psychology test

  1. Hahaaha. I’m just waiting for your answer .
    I’m looking forward to seeing what my personality is according to the test.

  2. Ohhh I don’t like Psychological tests, yet, I like Psychological warfare 🙂
    Anyway I’ll answer the question.
    3.5 cent


    I’m looking forward to your answer!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I will give you some answers now.

    Test number one is asking about what is the most important thing for you. Your house keys points to your family, a five cent coin points to money, a spoon points to food and a bouquet of flowers points to love. Those placed on top are things which are the most important for you and those placed under are things which aren’t that important.

    Test number two is asking about if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, something you desire for your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you choose an eye, you might be looking only at your your partner. If you choose a hand, you might want to have a physical relationship with your partner. If you choose a leg, you might want to control your partner’s freedom. If you choose a heart, you might get married with your partner and keep him or her.

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