Pictures of funny animals

Hello, my friend. Long time no see!! Do you remember me? No? Oh dear…

OK, you should remember my name because maybe your teacher will ask you about me on your next test. Just kidding.

Today, I’m writing about pictures of funny animals. They are memes showing cute animals and humorous captions. When I tried to improve my reading skills in English, my friend recommended reading memes. First, I couldn’t stop laughing because they were so funny!! Do you know that my country, Japan, has the same type of pictures but they are a bit different. For example, somebody showes you a picture, next you should make a funny sentence about it. There is no problem even if the sentences are long or short. It looks so simple but it tests your vocabulary and sense of humour. If you had both, you must be a comedian.

Now, I will show you some pictures of funny animals and one picture of a koala. How would you caption this? Any suggestions,post them in the comments.Good luck!!

Jumpei, Cert III in Hospitality

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5 thoughts on “Pictures of funny animals

  1. Hi long time no see Jumpei, however, your last post still exists on the top page haha.
    Anyway I can imagine
    ‘The koala has just seen his family eating Aussie Beef instead of the leaf of eucalyptus.’

  2. Hi Jumpei,
    My name is Merlyn, really liked your blog post as I love animals and memes, and so you basically combined both of my likings. I loved the part where you talked about your friend giving you advice and I think it was a really good idea.

    Speaking of the suggestions for the caption, I would caption the picture of the Koala as “Don’t Judge Me”.

  3. Hello! I am a student in the 6th grade, and I too am learning another language. it’s pretty cool to think that you learned a language by reading funny caption and enjoying it. I think I might look up a couple spanish memes too further excel in the spanish language in a fun way. What was your favorite meme on your page? I like the dog one, they are my favorite animal and I can relate to the dog one too because I like cookies. Also, check out my class blog:

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