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I went to Uluru, the red land, in January 2019.

My first impression of Uluru was bloody hot. When I landed at Ayers Rock airport, it was 41 degrees. I wasn’t able to believe it was so hot. I couldn’t walk around in the afternoon, because it was ridiculously hot. Actually climbing Uluru in the summer is forbidden because of the heat, I’m not sure why it is. Also, it was very dry. It was so dry that I was able to dry a completely wet sneaker overnight!

Nevertheless, Uluru was beautiful. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes was real. Uluru under cloudless sky was like a picture. It was so wonderful that the heat could no longer be felt. I couldn’t get fed up with Uluru. For four days, I was thrilled by the breath-taking views.

The camping tours are well known as a way to travel to Uluru, but I didn’t choose it. I wanted to relax in a comfortable place, so I booked my accommodation and tours separately and, in hindsight, I think I did well.

I went on a total of 4 day-tours during my Uluru trip: Uluru Walking & Sunset tour, Uluru Sunrise & Kata Tjuta Walking tour, Kings Canyon Tracking tour, and Field of Light tour.

The most difficult one was Uluru Walking & Sunset tour. During the tour I walked a lot and struggled with the extremely hot weather. I felt like the sun was slowly killing me. Ironically, it was impressive. The guide told me about the Aboriginal myth and why they are against climbing Uluru. For them, Uluru is like a god. In the myth, some stones and cliffs are parts of that god!

Anyway, compared with the bloody hot afternoon tour, the  two of morning ones were a little bit better. During these tours, the temperature was just thirty degrees, which made it possible for me to enjoy them more. I got shocked when I saw the tremendous cliffs. I felt a deep respect for the greatness of nature. Also, the guide was really fun. She always said warm, not hot. Even though it was 43 degrees. The only one problem was I had to wake up at 3 am.

How about Uluru becoming your next travel destination?

Suu, Upper-Intermediate

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  1. Great post, Suu.
    I’d like to go there before climbing it will be banned. Please tell me your recommendations about Uluru. Is there somebody who wants to travel with me?

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