Life in Australia vs China

I have been in Cairns for four weeks. This city has sunshine, clean air, forested hills and very friendly people. The city center is small, but it has all you need to live. My children like living here and eating different foods, for example, fruit, milk and ice cream.  They have been going to a pool every day and playing games on the beach.

But for me, I am a little out of place (out of my comfort zone) here because of different habits. I have rented a house since I arrived here. I had some money on my bank card, and I had never had a bad record. However, I still could not hire an apartment or a house until last Friday. It was most awful as I had to stay in a hotel which cost lots of money. But as if God had pity on me, when I had no place to stay, I received a call from the agent telling me my rent application was successful. I felt I got some sunshine in my world. I am so happy.

Hahahahaha… Now I think everything is going to be normal. Life here is better than life in my country that is China. Why do I say so? My country has a lot of people, big city centers, bad traffic, bad air and  the apartments cost  much more.  I feel everyone is happier and does not hurry so much.

The speed of life in China is most popular. That means that everything must be finished quickly. I remember the road 12 kilometers long was finished in one night.  Chinese high-speed Rail Trans is the fastest. Everyone enjoys night life in China and likes drinking beer, barbecuing and eating very delicious but not healthy food.  I find that like these two countries. Both have their own good aspects.

Therefore, I am going to live in these two countries. Maybe, my children will go to school in Cairns next year and I will find a job to make some money. In Cairns everyone speaks English so I need to study hard every day. In the end, I think I love both Australia and China.

Candice, Pre-Intermediate

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One thought on “Life in Australia vs China

  1. It was amazing to find out more about these different cultures. I have never imagined that they are totally different. The most striking for me was to see the traffic in China. Your cover picture looked chaotic. I can imagine for pedestrians it must be really difficult to walk in the streets and maybe people spend too much time to go different places such as work, school, shops, etc.
    Meanwhile in Australia the traffic is really different, drivers in the streets respect pedestrians and cyclists too, as well as pedestrians respect the traffic lights. So, Cairns in Australia is a harmonious city, that allows you to live more happily and neatly.

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