My most interesting experience in Australia

The Tablelands near Cairns
The beautiful Tablelands near Cairns

I’ll talk about my most interesting experience in Australia which was going to my host mother’s niece’s shed on the Tablelands. My host mother’s niece has a property with a big hill on it. There is a shed there with three bedrooms in it. You can see the shed in the picture on the left. The property is quite big and it has a pond. There are a lot of animals – seven horses, a lot of geese and three dogs. The right picture shows the pond and the geese. I went there because my host mother wanted to show me a platypus. There are a few platypuses living in the pond. I was taken there twice but I couldn’t spot any platypus. However, it was a valuable experience for me. I fed the geese and went for a ride on a quad bike. You can see the quad bike in the right photo. My host mother’s niece’s son took me for a ride. You can’t do any of these things in Tokyo so I had an amazing time. This has been my most interesting experience in Australia.

Yoko, Intermediate Class

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  1. The Tablelands near Cairns is a very beautiful area. It’s only about an hour away and has numerous waterfalls, green hills and awesome wildlife! Ask Carolina at Lake67 downstairs if you’re interested in some Tablelands tours 🙂

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