Improving my English in Cairns

One of the hardest things when trying to improve a language is to try to avoid being surrounded by people who speak the same language.

After checking that there are very few Spanish-speaking people in Cairns, as an Argentinean, I decided that this was the best place to be, as most of the people in Cairns speak English, and my aim is to speak the language as much as possible.

Sometimes people understand what I mean, however, they don’t correct my mistakes so I encourage them to do so whenever required. Also, I tend to pay attention to the correct pronunciation in order to improve mine.

On the other hand, I became a diver more than a year ago and as this is the biggest reef area in the world which makes it a real paradise for me. I love the Great Barrier Reef as it is a renowned area with an enormous variety of sea life.

The reef in this area is so amazing with calm and transparent water allowing for a good visibility along with comfortable temperatures making it a perfect place to learn and practise scuba diving.

Studying and relaxing are a good combination, even more so if you do what you like. Cairns is an ideal place for this, as it allows you to interact with people from all over the world.

Lucia, FCE class


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2 thoughts on “Improving my English in Cairns

  1. What a fantastic article, Lucia! Congratulations on your first post, and most importantly, on your great English! Well done and keep it up!

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