My life in Cairns

My day starts with me having a cup of tea. Then I take a shower. What a wonderful morning! I get up early every day and go to school to study English. I have a lot of great friends at school. My level is pre-intermediate. I’m working hard every day to write my diary. The things I like the most about Cairns is fresh air, a lot of beautiful nature, the wide open sky and friendly atmosphere. I like to take a nap at the Lagoon with my friends. When I lived in Japan, I couldn’t relax much. It was difficult for me because I was very busy. I have many relaxing moments in Cairns and I’m happy. My goal is to do some farm work to get my second visa and also to able to speak English fluently to go up a level or to go to another country.

Momoyo, Pre-Interemediate


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About CCEB

We are teachers and students at the Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB). How lucky are we to work and study in the Australian Wet Tropics with the world's oldest rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep! We would like to share our happy posts with the world! Welcome to the CCEB space eveyone.

4 thoughts on “My life in Cairns

  1. Hi MOMOYO!
    This photo is my lovely classmates and my beautiful teacher;)
    You make me smile because you are a funny girl!
    Thank you for making my day fun every day!!!
    I like you!!

  2. Momoyo is a very diligent student and she’s making fast progress with her written English by writing her diary and blogging! Good job, Momoyo! 🙂

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