The beautiful Cairns Lagoon…

… seems to be our students’ favourite spot according to Naoko from Pre-Intermediate class who is a great fan of the place. Check out what she decided to share with us on the blog before going back to Japan:

My favourite place in Australia is the Cairns Lagoon. It’s a very popular spot in Cairns. There are many people there every day relaxing, swimming, talking, etc. I love swimming and going to the Lagoon on a sunny day. I often go there after school to take a nap on the grass, swim or relax. I want to go there every day. There is no lagoon in Kyoto where I come from. We sometimes have a night bbq at the Cairns Lagoon. I also love the Lagoon at night because it looks really beautiful with the lights on. Evenings at the Lagoon are fantastic!!

You’re absolutely right, Naoko! What a beautiful spot! Are you missing it from Japan? Congratulations on your writing!

cairns lagoon night
The Cairns Lagoon in the evening light (Photo credit: Matt Lauder Gallery)

Naoko studied with us for four weeks and she said at her graduation that she’d visited the Lagoon at least 30 times over her stay 🙂 Is the Lagoon your favourite place in Cairns too? Feel free to leave a comment under the post 🙂 Do you have photos showing your life in Cairns you’d like to share? Send your email to:


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7 thoughts on “The beautiful Cairns Lagoon…

  1. Yes, the Lagoon is so beautiful every day, even in the rain! By the way, is anyone in touch with Naoko? If you’re FB friends with her, could you send her the link to our blog? I’m sure she would be very happy to see her writing on the blog! Thanks guys!

  2. The Lagoon is the most beautiful place in Cairns.
    Sometimes my friends and I go to the lagoon
    We relax, talk, take photos, have a BBQ, go for a run.
    The Lagoon is a popular place. I like it and enjoy going there.

  3. The Lagoon is my favourite place in Cairns too. I like relaxing, enjoying the sun and swimming. It’s a great photo 🙂

  4. I like swimming, but it’s cold these days.
    I swam last Saturday and got flu (ha!ha!).
    If you want to swim, take care!!

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