Hello from our pre-intermediate class!

Hello world! 🙂

This is our pre-intermediate class from the Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB). We would like to introduce ourselves. As you can see there are no boys in the photo as they they didn’t attend the morning session during which we we were working on our blogpost and took a class photo (thanks Jihye!).

In the back row going from left to right are:

Marketa: My name’s Marketa. I’m from the Czech Republic I live in a small village called Nesmerice. I finished my HR studies and needed to learn English so I chose Cairns. Cairns is a beautiful place for me because of its hot weather, wonderful nature and nice people. I’m going to stay here for eight months. This is my first such experience. I would like to visit a lot of places, for example Fitzroy Island, Kuranda, and the beaches. I’m studying at CCEB and I’m really happy here because local teachers are patient as they explain things. The style of teaching is in the form of funny activities. It’s good for memorizing words in English. I enjoy this. I met students from all around the world. Everybody is very nice.

Ramona: My name is Ramona. I lived in a very small place in Switzerland . The nearest town is Lauerz. I will stay in Cairns for 8 weeks. I’m studying English at CCEB for myself. My favourite place is the Lagoon. After 8 weeks I will go travelling along the East Coast to Sydney. At the end of June I will go back home and continue to work in the hospital as a nurse. I like playing badminton in my leisure time because I like team playing. Australian people are very nice and helpful. I like the openness.

Arisa: I’m Arisa. I’m from Japan. I’ll be at CCEB for 2 months. I decided to come to Australia to study because I thought it is not a busy place. I’m interested in painting. My hobbies are drawing and watching movies.

Our teacher Justyna is the one wearing a blue T-shirt.

Masayo: Hi, I’m Masayo. I’m from Aomori in Japan. I want to know cultures of different countries and I want to speak English, so I decided to come to Australia. I have been at CCEB for about 3 months. It has been a lot of fun every day, because I have lovely classmates and friends, and a funny teacher which means funny lessons 😉 I like going to the Lagoon!!! It is a really beautiful and comfortable place. My favourite place.

Yuri: I’m Yuri. I like the school because all the staff are very friendly, interesting and our teacher is very lovely so I’m happy every day.

Sukyung: My name is Sukyung . Yes, I know my name is different to pronounce. I’m from Korea, of course South Korea. I hope we are going to get on well. I want to live in Australia forever because my husband works here and I will work here too. I have lived in Australia for 4 months and studied English for three months. My classmates are quiet and cheerful, sometimes they laugh a lot! I like Cairns because the weather is good. I like summer.

The students in the front row from left to right are:

Yuriko: I’m Yuriko. I’m Japanese. I have been at CCEB for 3 weeks, and I’m going to stay here for one more week. My favourite sport is snowboarding. When I lived in Japan, I went snowboarding every weekend.

Aoi: Hello, I’m Aoi from Japan. I like animals, especially beef cattle. I studied agriculture in Japan (animal husbandry). I want to work at a farm and learn various agricultural techniques in Australia.

Jasmine:  My name is Jasmine. I am from Taiwan. I have been studying English at CCEB for about three months. I have lovely classmates and a beautiful teacher. The teacher and classmates are very friendly. I like studying English but it is very difficult.

Kaoru: My name is Kaoru. I’m from Japan. I have been at CCEB for 3 weeks, and I will be here for two more months and a week. I wanna try scuba diving, so I’ve chosen Cairns to study English. I like the great nature in this city. I wanna go to many more places in Cairns.

Pang: My name is Pang. I’m 24 years old from Thailand. I will be at CCEB for 6 months. I decided to come to Australia to study because three years ago my cousin studied at CCEB. After she got back to Thailand, she found a good job with a high salary, because she can understand and speak English very well. That’s the reason why I came here.

The students who missed today’s morning class and are therefore not included in the photo:

Gaseul : I’m Gaseul. I’m 21 years old from Korea. Australia is very beautiful and a good place to study, so I came here. I think it was a good decision.

Lin, Wataru, John and Maya didn’t manage to write their introductions.

Would you like to come to Cairns and study with us? 🙂


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