Enjoying Cairns

Hello. I’m Aoi.


I have liked animals ever since I was a child. I studied agriculture (animal husbandry) in Japan. I hold many licences including the following: a forklift, a tractor, a shovel car… I had to obtain all these licences when I was a student at an agricultural college. I want to work at a farm and learn various agricultural techniques in Australia.


Living in Cairns

Cruise liners from time to time visit Cairns. I sometimes watch those big ships when they are leaving Cairns.  And I go to Rusty’s Market every Sunday to buy fruits and vegetables.


Fitzroy Island

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About CCEB

We are teachers and students at the Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB). How lucky are we to work and study in the Australian Wet Tropics with the world's oldest rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep! We would like to share our happy posts with the world! Welcome to the CCEB space eveyone.

6 thoughts on “Enjoying Cairns

  1. Hi!!!!! Aoi.
    I’m Sukyung !!! Yes, of course it’s me (ha!ha!ha!)
    I saw your picture. It is very lovely and surprising.
    I like animals, but sometimes I’m afraid of dogs (ha!ha!)
    Thank you for posting for us!!!!!!!

  2. Hello, Aoi.
    It is an excellent idea to learn agricultural techniques in Australia.
    Good luck on your studies!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your writing and photos with us, Aoi! You’re amazing! Enjoy your time in Cairns and join or blogging club again next Monday 🙂

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