Walking my neighbour’s dogs

From left to right: I’m walking Ella, Honey and Ruby.

She was born in Ipswich.
She will be 6 years old in December. She is so jealous because when I’m praising other dogs, she always comes and interferes. She likes strong smell. When we go for walk if she finds a favourite smell she will put her body to small. She can do 4 tricks: shake hands, sit, drop and beg. She can beg better than the other 2 dogs. Before I give her a treat, she is already begging. She doesn’t like water so when she in the pool she is very careful. So cute! She is very friendly because she never barks, even if other dogs are barking at her.

She was born in Brisbane.
She will be 7 years old in October. She is a very smart and joyful girl. She can do 5 tricks: shake hands, roll over, sit, drop and beg. She loves treats and praise. When she is eating dinner she reminds you of a vacuum cleaner because she doesn’t chew but she just sucks it up very fast. She likes going for walks and playing with her toys. She can swim very well because after we return from a walk she jumps in to the swimming pool for a swim. She has soft heir and her face looks like a teddy bear. So lovely.
She was born in Melbourne.
She turned 2 years two months ago. She is active. She likes running and swimming. She can run very first. I can’t keep up with Ruby. She loves her ball so if I throw the ball she never returns it. She can do 4 tricks: shake hands, sit, beg, and drop and when I give her a treat, she wants to chew very strongly on my hand but I say gentle*3-5 times she is able to eat gently. Very clever. She can wait for a long time but while she is waiting she can’t stop drooling. She is like a spoilt child because she likes to be brushed by my hand. She has a strong heart. When she is no good the owner trains her but she is unperturbed. So funny! I think she is easy-going.

They make me happy and put a smile on my face.
Thank you for making me feel good.

Yuri, Customer Service Course

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9 thoughts on “Walking my neighbour’s dogs

  1. Hello Yuri
    You have written this very well, it’s interesting 🙂 The dogs are very cute. Nice video 🙂
    Animals can be important companions in life…..

  2. They are so cute!!!!
    I have the same dog in my country.
    I love dogs, too. They love people.So funny, naughty, playful.

  3. The dogs look so kind and smart!I have one dog in Japan. But my dog can’t do tricks.
    He always makes me relaxed. You must be relaxed now because of them.

  4. Beautiful dogs !!
    I miss my dog which has stayed in Brazil. I look forward to meeting a friend who has dogs and I will be able to walk them.
    It will be a lot of fun.

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