My visit to the Cairns Botanic Gardens

On Monday, I went to the Cairns Botanic Gardens which house many types of plants, flowers and trees of tropical regions of the world. There, you can find some Queensland carnivore plants, along with amazing South-American trees.

Carnivore plant

The Promenade is very good, you can just walk slowly and chill out or some people choose to do their daily jogging there. Sometimes on these paths there are a lot of bush turkeys which can be very funny to watch. There are also three walking tracks you can do, each about 2 km long, which lead you to a lookout point. From there you can see the Cairns airport and admire beautiful scenery with the Coral Sea and the rainforest.

By the way, if after all this effort you need a rest or refreshment from the warm and humid weather and you might feel a bit tired… Don’t worry there is a small restaurant which makes some awesome and tasty smoothies and cakes, which will make up for your hard work.

Anyway, I really recommend this activity because you’ll see a big variety of plants and feel in harmony with nature.

Vasco Presset, IELTS Advanced Class

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