Barista training

A great cafe latte made by Zora (check out the perfect collar on the coffee!)
Momoyo practising her coffee making skills for the first time

Here at CCEB every two months we run a Customer Service Course (CSC) during which students obtain many certificates such as RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling). Apart from that, CSC students also get a tour desk and cashier experience, and learn many hospitality skills like taking orders, laying tables, folding napkins, pouring wine/beer and making cocktails, to name just a few.

Minji looking proud of her picture perfect latte!
Zora and her first two coffees


Barista training is one of our most popular Customer Service activities. Students have two 1-hour training sessions. Just look at these happy future baristas during their first session making their first variety of coffees! 🙂 Good job guys, keep up your good work!

Masayo's trying her first cappuccino :-)
Masayo’s looking happy wearing her cappuccino moustache! 😉 Great job frothing the milk Masayo!
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4 thoughts on “Barista training

  1. Happy to see the students are happy and gaining confidence practising their coffee as well as speaking skills.

  2. I am very happy to learn and make the first coffees in here!😊 And thx for lovely and patient teacher-justyna❤️

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