The Great Barrier Reef

Angel Josephine FallsOnce you have already seen Cairns’ countryside and surroundings, including Josephine falls (a natural slide in the middle of the bush), Milla Milla falls (a perfect curtain of smooth water) and Paronella Park (where you can feel it´s heritage while being astonished by the power of a huge waterfall), you would easily say that you cannot go to a better place. It is at that moment when the real marvel of Cairns suddenly appears. You cannot see it from the city and the non-swimming beach does not give you any clue; but a few kilometres out in the ocean and a few metres below the surface is hidden one of the natural marvels of our world. I am talking about the Great Barrier Reef.

I don´t really know how to describe it with my own words, but I would say that I have never seen anything so impressive. The main idea could be that every organism, either the wide variety of colourful fish or the valuable corals that create the basis for this unique habitat, are perfectly blended, kind of like a huge Swiss watch in which every cog fits perfectly with the next one. Both the fish and the coral benefit from each other, creating an atmosphere that you cannot miss. Colours everywhere, shapes that you couldn´t imagine, turtles, reef sharks, nemo (clown fish), stingrays, giant clams and the sensation of breathing under the ocean.


This said, my advice would be: come to Cairns, find accommodation, enjoy its way of life, but as soon as you can, sign up for a Great Barrier Reef diving experience, which I believe would be one of the best experiences of your lifetime!


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