Preparations for the Student Cafe in full swing!

As part of their course, Customer Service Course students are preparing for the Student Cafe event to be held this Friday. They have a huge task ahead – organising a function for more than 120 people: their fellow students and teachers at the college. Thanks to Alejandra, our talented student from Colombia, the student cafe advertising posters are ready to go and looking fantastic!

This menu poster is looking so professional! Awesome work, Alejandra!
Ryo is explaining how to bake a Japanese green tea cake
Ryo is instructing others how to bake his Japanese speciality of a green tea marble cake to serve for dessert.
It all starts here in the computer room :-)
It all starts here in the computer room 🙂

The menu has been agreed on and the students have chosen the that dishes they are going to cook. As they will be cooking four dishes altogether, there are four teams, each responsible for their dish. First, each team had to explain the preparation of their dish to the other teams.

Once the recipes had been explained, the students went shopping for ingredients. Their first stop was tropical Rusty’s Markets where they sourced fresh produce.

Team ‘Zizimi’ got some great quality potatoes for their Korean style potato rosti.
Team ‘Nachos’ were on the lookout for avocados.

Pia from Chile taking a close look at the avos for the guacamole to serve with the nachos.
To buy or not to buy? This is the question 😉 For some teams the search for ingredients continued in an Asian food store.
How much have we spent on the ingredients so far? For their cafe business to be profitable, the students must keep track of their money.

This week the Customer Service Course students will be visiting all of the classes to market their event. Everyone is more than welcome and remember not to bring your own lunch on Friday May 20th!

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    1. Doesn’t it? So happy that I learned how to make decisions about Zizimi, nachos guacamole sauce and so many other foods!❤️

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