Student Cafe event final countdown

Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at the preparations for today’s Student Cafe event:

Function Work Plan

Customer Service Course students promoting their cafe event to fellow schoolmates.
Team Zizimi peeling potatoes.
Pia from Team Nachos grating cheese.

Masa making bolognese sauce.
Preparations for the green tea cake.
Gree tea cake looking good already!
Momoyo and Ryo putting the cakes into the oven.
Student Cafe menu
Student Cafe menu

Come and have lunch at our school cafe today! We are waiting for you!

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2 thoughts on “Student Cafe event final countdown

  1. Everybody is doing very hard work!! We are a team😊 And how awesome the Japanese green tea cakes are❤️

    1. Oh, the Japanese green tea marble cake was ‘out of this world’! And you are absolutely right there, Zora 🙂 The Student Cafe was such a success due to your amazing teamwork and, of course, great cooking skills! Good on you Customer Service Course students! 🙂

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