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IMG_8346Join CCEB’s free Grammar Club activities to improve your English communication skills. Each session, we study a different topic and look at different ways to use the variety of grammatical structures that exist in English.

Previous topics have included tenses, conditionals, articles, modals, adjectives, and verb forms. Lessons are usually aimed at Elementary to Intermediate level, though higher level students sometimes come along to polish their language skills.

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In our most recent Grammar Club session, we looked at the differences between “prefer” and “rather”. When using these words, it is important to remember…

I prefer noun to noun:

I prefer tea to coffee

I prefer –ing verb to –ing verb:

I prefer cooking at home to eating at restaurants

I prefer to + infinitive rather than (to) + infinitive:

I prefer to cook at home rather than eat at restaurants


I would rather infinitive than infinitive:

I would rather study grammar than go to the Lagoon

I would rather someone + past tense

I would rather you went home

Check the noticeboard for our next Grammar Club… and if there’s a topic you want to study, tell your teacher and we’ll organise it.

Keep practising!

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