All about me by Akemi

New Zealand

I absolutely love NZ. I was in NZ for 12 months.

New Zealanders were always kind also New Zealand life wasn’t stressful that’s why I absolutely love NZ.


I’m from Shizuoka prefecture.

There are three famous things in Shizuoka.

One is the highest mountain which is called Mt.Fuji in Shizuoka.

Two is green tea which is grown in Shizuoka.

Three is wasabi. Wasabi is also grown in Shizuoka.


I worked as a medical clerk on weekdays.

I worked as a waitress at wedding restaurant on weekends.


One of my hobbies is boxing.

I’m really keen on boxing when I get stressed.

It’s good for my mind or brain to freshen up.

I recommend boxing to you when you get stressed.


I have my mother and my dog in my family.

My mom is 63 and she is a nurse.

The name of my dog is Chacha. She is mix of Maltese and Shizoo.

My father has passed away because of kidney failure.

I don’t have any sisters or brothers. I’m an only child.

Akemi, Pre-Intermediate Class

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4 thoughts on “All about me by Akemi

    1. Please visit NZ one day. I think it’s a really nice country.
      Thank you for asking me to go to zumba with you. I had a good time.
      I heard you got sick from your friend. Get well soon. XX Akemi XX

  1. Nice blog, Akemi.
    Someday I want to climb Mt. Fuji. First, I’d like to climb Mt Ishizuti (almost 2000m high), after that I will climb Mt. Fuji. You live in a nice place.

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