All about me by Chany

Hello everyone, now I will tell you my story. My family consists of six persons and both of my parents come from Cambodia. I have two big brothers the fist is Nem, the second is Saren, then there is me and my young sister Channa. I always travel with her.

When I was young I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for my future. In my head I wasn’t serious and I was keen on playing all the time.

I wanted to become a hairdresser but wanted to try so many jobs. Finally I have chosen to become a clothes salesperson because everyone was friendly. At my work I love merchandising very much. I worked four years in the Metro boutique. I’m a workaholic and I have been a party animal who also likes mountain ranges, picnics, climbing and snowboarding. I like to interact with people. If it’s the same all the time, I usually quit my job because I’m keen on change. I was in charge of children’s clothes department for nine months. But I didn’t stay in sales for long and I have changed my job again. My last job was working for Rollex for two years.The work was interesting  at first because the assembly line was moving fast but for a long time it was the same and boring.

My dream is to learn English because it’s important when I can communicate with people and it’s also important for my job. That’s why I came to Australia to change my life.

Chany, Pre-Intermediate Class

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4 thoughts on “All about me by Chany

  1. Hello my friend. I’m Akemi from Japan Shizuoka.
    I hope I can volunteer in Cambodia. I want to relieve the poverty.
    Could you my hair cut one day?
    You’re already learning English so you can change your life and make dreams come true.
    Do our best!!! I love you, Chany 🙂 XO Akemi XO

  2. Hi, Chany. I’m Yoko.
    You are such an active and powerful lady, I thought. Because even changing your job, you can catch a
    new job one by one. You are going forward. You are young. Please try everything and enjoy!

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