All about me by Chikara

My name is Chikara. I‘ll introduce myself.

About me

I was born and raised in Okinawa. Okinawa is an island in the southwest of Japan. Okinawa is a resort island. The weather is just like in Cairns.

I lived in Tokyo. I commuted to university every day. I studied hospitality and tourism. I graduated from university three months ago.


We are a family of four: my mother,my older brother,my grandmother and myself.

My mother is a civil servant. She likes a lot of sports. She practises karate.

My brother is four years older than me. We often fought in our childhood. I never won.

My grandmother is gentle with me.


I have a dog. His name is Bunta. Bunta is my brother’s friend’s name. My dog is fifteen years old. He is an ancient dog. My mom is scared of my dog.


I like fishing, a lot of sports, motorcycles. I often played baseball and soccer in Japan.

I sometimes went fishing in my hometown.

I always commuted to university by motorcycle. I like riding  my motorcycle and going places.


I don’t like nuts. I absolutely hate nuts. They don’t taste good and smell bad.

Chikara, Pre-Intermediate Class

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3 thoughts on “All about me by Chikara

  1. It was five years ago that I visited Okinawa too! It’s a tropical and beautiful place isn’t it? I’d love to go there again 🙂 XXAkemiXX

  2. Hi, Chikara.
    It was easy to read your article because its contents were divided into sections.
    You grew up to having tough mind in Okinawa. We have to speak in English here.
    But I want to hear your speaking in Okinawa’s dialect one time. Some day?

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