All about me by Gabi

Hi, my name is Gabi and I’m from Switzerland. I have a brother and a sister.
I like to play football. Earlier I played in a ladies team. Now I have no more time to do it. At home I have a horse and it takes a lot of time to take care of her. I like to go jogging and I love travel. When I have a holiday I always go abroad. I’m intersted in other countries and cultures. I’m keen on going out with friends at weekends. I like to go to the cinema or have to a party. I also love to drink prosecco with strawberries in summer.

Some of the most exciting activities in my life have been:

  • In South Africa I went white shark diving. It was amazing.
  • I jumped out of an airplane from the height of 3000 meters. It was very exciting.
  • In the Cayman Islands I swam in the sea with dolphins.

I’m a policewoman and working in Zuerich. At first I was a nurse but then I joined the police forces.

Gabi, Pre-Intermediate Class


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2 thoughts on “All about me by Gabi

  1. Hi, Gabi 🙂 I’m Akemi from Shizuoka, Japan.
    Do you know me?? 🙂
    You were a nurse and now you’re a police woman. I was so surprised to hear that.
    I’ve never drunk prosecco. I’d like to drink it.
    Don’t get a cold. Have super days in Australia. XO Akemi XO

  2. Hi, Gabi. I’m Yoko.
    I was so surprised to read your article. You are a policewoman and you are good at playing sports.
    You look gentle and quiet. But maybe you are full of passion inside.
    Is your condition better? Please take care of yourself.

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