Good and bad sides of technology

Technology has changed the world in many ways positive and negative such as improving our communication with each other. Making people lazy and changing the toys of children. We will show this in our essay.

Communication is easier now than 20 year ago. 20 years ago, people used to call their friends with the home phone to meet each other. Nowadays, you only have to open Facebook and ask your friends to meet and they don’t even have to be at home.

Communication is simpler and has made life easier. People are less active because life is simpler. Before they used to clean the house by themselves. Now, they have many electronic robots to do the bad work. That’s good, because you can spend more time with your friends and family. However when they eat processed food it is because they are too lazy to cook. This technology has good and bad sides. It depends which categories we look at.

Children are less social than their parents. In the past, parents used to play outside with their friends, maybe their parents generation had more time to spend with their children. At this time, both parents need to work and after school children stay inside and watch TV, play video game and don’t move. Technology had made children’s communication skills weak.

We had shown how technology change our lifestyle from 20 years ago until now we have to choose which technology is good for us and try not to become lazy people.

Camille and Nadin, Intermediate Class

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One thought on “Good and bad sides of technology

  1. The development of technology is remarkable.
    Especially when the mobile phone appeared 20 years ago, I didn’t expect the rapid growth of them like nowadays.
    And children wanted them. A lot of mothers discussed that.
    But now everybody has them and it is very convenient for us. When I have to pass on some information quickly, it’s so useful, but if somebody sometimes doesn’t answer a phone, people get irritated.
    Now society is too convenient. We need to watch it is useful or not for our peaceful life.

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