Cape Tribulation Overnight

On this sunny Saturday morning the atmosphere was quite good. At 9.00 am we set off on our trip to Cape Tribulation where we stayed overnight in the Daintree Rainforest. On our way up north we stopped at this beautiful lookout called Rex Lookout.

Then back to the bus and heading to our first swimming spot. It was a freshwater swimming hole without any danger of crocodiles and stingers. After travelling more kilometres, having a lunch stop and crossing the Daintree River with the ferry, we arrives at our resort located in the rainforest. There we had some recreational time swimming or doing whatever we wanted. Then we were on the bus again travelling to another resort with a restaurant next to the beach. There we enjoyed a delicious dinner and spend some pleasant time around the fire on the beach.

swimming hole

The next day started with breakfast and for some of us with an impressive sunrise. Later on we stopped on the way back at another swimming hole in the rainforest. There we saw some fish and a turtle. The next highlight was the 1h river cruise on the Daintree River. There we entered the territory of the saltwater crocodile and we saw two crocodiles along with two hatchlings.


While driving back home Pete, our driver, told us many interesting things about the region. Pete was really a bit of a joker so we had a lot of fun listening to him. The view along the ocean road is really impressive. We arrived back in Cairns about 5pm tired but lucky and with plenty of good memories. Nobody got hurt or eaten by a crocodile which cannot be taken for granted in this croc country. In conclusion, it was a simply unforgettable and a really recommendable journey.

Rene, Advanced Class

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