Pre-Intermediate Classes barbie

We had a barbie (Australian for ‘barbecue‘) at the Lagoon last Friday. Our class and the other pre-intermediate class mingled. We went shopping to get the food and drinks. We brought some utensils such as tongs, spatulas, colanders and chopping boards from school.

After the barbie, we did a scavenger hunt on the esplanade boardwalk. It was really interesting.

The Cairns Lagoon

The weather, the food, the friends, everything was good. I had a really wonderful time.

Akemi, Pre-Intermediate B

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Intermediate Classes barbie

  1. Yes, we had a wonderful time. Barbie is not common for me. We sometimes have parties with friends, but inside houses or at restaurants. Eating with a beautiful view is so comfortable. BBQs are well-equipped in Cairns. If I have a barbie near my house, we have to prepare fuel, too. A little bit troublesome and you need a lot of things. After I go back to Japan, I want to have a party in my small garden with friends.

  2. We had good fun, my first BBQ in Australia, we had an awesome day and I’m really happy to be here and get to know new people like my classmates.

  3. I had a lot of fun! This was may first barbie in Oz! It tasted good and I learned many Aussie words. Thanks for the great time!!

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