The magic of the south of the world

PUCON  is a beautiful small town in the south of Chile in South America. The origin of its name comes from its first indigenous inhabitants “ Mapuches ” in the dialect called “mapuzungun”, which means ENTRY TO THE MOUNTAINS.

Pucon is famous worldwide for its great tourism especially the natural attractions: Villarrica Lake, the Great Volcano, thermal waters, National Parks, etc… It is impossible to the indifferent to its beautiful flora & fauna.

Not everyone knows that it hides some surprising magic, which only few have felt. Its inhabitants are unusual, a mixture of madness in the minds and hearts. They are filled with love “lunatics”, who possess a special beauty.

They say that in deep forest time stops. The leaves of the trees fall in the rain on the forest floor slowly filling the air with smell like no other. It is when you can hear laughter and songs of fairies dancing in the evening.

Villarrica Volcano guards the city. Being an active volcano, its crater lights each night to a strong smoky red, inspiring respect and protection.

The Lake also has its hidden magic stories of witches and wizards livings is its depths. It is not yet known exactly where they descend from but they provide us with abundance and good luck.

Most months of the year it rains without stopping, however they say it cannot be otherwise because the sky is excited to tears every time someone returns to Pucon attracted by the “Magic of the South of the World”.

Sheila, Pre-Intermediate B

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3 thoughts on “The magic of the south of the world

  1. It is an absolutely attractive story!
    My friend stayed in Chile to study when we were students and I’ve heard that the scenery is beautiful in Chile.
    But, Chile is very far from Japan, so I don’t know the culture, history, life and so on in Chile well.
    Some day I want to go there!

  2. I felt the magic when I read your post, it looks like an enigmatic and beautiful place my friend, you were born in the middle of the magic, I hope to go there soon….hugs

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