First Sunday in Cairns

Cairns is a beautiful town. Last weekend I went to the Lagoon pool by myself. When I was in the pool, I made some friends very easily. We swam together for a long time. After that my new friends and I watched a guy practise hand stands. We asked him to teach us, and he was very nice and taught us. While we were practising, another guy came and taught us some capoeira’s steps, which was a great fun.

I was walking along the esplanade at sunset, alone again, and I sat down just to watch a volleyball game when a one guy invited me to play. Then other people came to play with us and we were playing for three hours, which was a lot of good fun. I absolutely enjoy it here because the people are really friendly and the place is awesome.

Honestly, the only part I don’t like is crocodiles, but I understand the city is in the croc country and we, humans, must be careful and respectful of crocodiles and other animals.

I really enjoy going to the Rusty’s markets because I find all the things I need, just like in my country, many root vegetables and fruit.

My expectations about this place have already been exceeded and I think “I have a lot to explore and discover”.

Leonardo, Pre-Intermediate B Class

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6 thoughts on “First Sunday in Cairns

  1. It was very nice weekend! Sounds so much fun! Cairns is a really beautiful place, isn’t it? I love it. Please teach me capoeira’s steps next time!

  2. Cairns is a very lively city and you always make friends. All the people are very friendly and open minded.
    So … you got new skills, that means you will show us a handstand at the graduation on Friday? 😀

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