First snorkelling experiences at wonderful Michaelmas Cay

As my friends told me about their idea to have a snorkelling trip on the weekend, I first got worried about that. My first brainstorming thought were sharks and jellyfish, but seeing the beautiful pictures in the brochure from the travel agency suddenly changed my mind. I really wanted to see all the nice things that the underwater world has to offer, therefore we booked the trip for the following Saturday.

We had to get up very early to catch the boat from Cairns port at 8 am. As we could see on the weather forecast, the sea was rough. My friends had no problems with that but I became dizzy and seasick. I felt much better after going to the back of the boat and not long after that we arrived close to Michaelmas Cay.

We preferred starting snorkelling on our own even though we could have chosen a guided tour. Entering the open sea with just a snorkel and flippers felt very uncomfortable but the exciting views underwater made me forget about all my fears. After a few minutes, we saw a very big turtle and we followed it for a while. It was amazing to see how the turtle and other ocean dwellers were moving through the water without any gravity. We were heading to the Cay to have a short break before having lunch on the boat. Unfortunately, it was very stormy, so we didn’t spend much time on the Cay even though it is a nice place to be. After eating we went for another snorkel and were just browsing around the underwater world.

In my opinion, everyone should go snorkelling at least once because it is a great experience to see the reef and its inhabitants. Nevertheless, I am happy that I didn’t see any sharks or jellyfish! 😉

Katrin, Advanced Class


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