The future of children

Technology has changed the world in negative ways. Such as making children have worse communication skills, making them have worse writing skills and raising unemployment. We will discuss this in our essay.

Children have worse communication skills now than 20 years ago. Because they are playing games, using computers, watching TV and staying at home. So they don’t often communicate with others. If this situation continues for the next 20 years, they won’t know how to communicate with others.

In 20 years, technology is going to develop. So children may use tablets or computers more than they write. They will also use tablets and computers in their schools. They won’t learn how to write.

Sometimes it will be harder for children to get a job than now because they won’t know how to communicate or how to write. If they can use computers, they may get skilled jobs, but they won’t be able to get unskilled jobs.

If technology continues to change the world, children won’t know how to communicate or how to write and they won’t be able to get unskilled jobs. So developing technology is not just a good thing. We have to think about their future too.

Nanaka and Miku, Intermediate Class

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One thought on “The future of children

  1. That’s a good point of view but you should have a look at the benefits of the fast communication. But in general I agree with you. It will get even worse if it continues like now. It’s sad to see that people sometimes don’t speak to each other while sitting next to friends. Putting smartphones aside could be the first step to change it.

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