The Lagoon at sunrise

I know that I’m a little bit crazy but what I did wasn’t crazy at all, because I can totally recommend it. I’m staying with a home stay family in Earville. Last Tuesday morning I got up at 5.00 in the morning. I ran to the Lagoon and watched the sunrise.

I was a little astonished to see so many people, who were doing some exercise or running. But the sunrise was amazing because of the lights from the Lagoon and the red glow of the sun, which made it look very vivid.  I recommend doing it in the morning and when you can’t sleep it is a perfect time to watch the sunrise.

Flavio, Advanced Class


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3 thoughts on “The Lagoon at sunrise

  1. I felt the beauty of sunrise by looking at these photos.
    I went to the Lagoon in the daytime. It’s so beautiful, blue sky and shining sea.
    And a lot of children, families, young, older people are swimming, running, walking. That is a nice place.
    But I haven’t seen the Lagoon at sunrise. I’ll go to see the sunrise soon.

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