Pancake time!

The students of Pre-Intermediate B Class were covering the subject of food throughout the week. They learned lots of useful cooking vocabulary so their teacher Justyna suggested that they make pancakes for breakfast. She gave the students her favourite pancake recipe and the students had to follow it.

The class got really excited to have some hands-on experience in the school kitchen. Making pancakes together turned out to be a lot of fun and great vocabulary practice. End result? The pancakes were absolutely delicious! Check out the awesome teamwork in the video below:

Enjoy your pancake breakfast everyone!
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6 thoughts on “Pancake time!

  1. It was a really nice time!!! I could learn many things from this experience. Useful vocabulary items, how to cook and cooperate with my classmates… And the taste was excellent! I want to cook pancakes again and try to bake next time.

  2. The pancakes look very delicious!
    I really wanted to cook and eat them together!
    But, I think that studying the subject of food will make me hungry…

  3. This class’s teamwork is great!! Especially I think their role sharing is very good. And I liked the way they served their dish. Their smiles are so cute!!

  4. How delicious!! The more I look at those pictures, the more hungry I get. I wanted to get invited to this Pancake Party. But I wasn’t a CCEB student yet. We are gonna make cookies on 23 December. If you want, you should come on over. Where are you now? We’ll wait for you !!

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