Rules and customs in Colombia

In order to practise modal verbs for permission and obligation, Pre-Intermediate B students were given a task to work on. They had to imagine a friend is going to visit their country (or any country of their choice) for the first time. They had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about some rules and customs in the country. Here’s Leo and Maki’s presentation about Colombia.

  • If you go to Bogota (the capital of Colombia) you shouldn’t rent a car to use in the city because the traffic is really chaotic (and you can have an accident).
  • You can kiss someone on the cheek to say hello (it’s a normal greeting).
  • If you go to Medellin (my city), you should go to the Paisa town and eat the typical dish (Bandeja Paisa) which is really strong.
  • You can’t smoke indoors.
  • You have to have a visa.
  • You can’t bring animals or plants from the other countries to Colombia as animal trafficking is prohibited.
  • You can drink water from the tap in some places, but in other places you can’t.
  • You should absolutely go to coffee axis (where coffee comes from).

Leo and Maki, Pre-Intermediate B

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4 thoughts on “Rules and customs in Colombia

  1. It was interesting for me because I didn’t know a lot about Colombia except coffee. Japanese doesn’t have a custom to kiss someone on the cheek as a greeting. If we go to Colombia without knowing about that, we will be confused. And I want to try the typical dish in the Paisa town.
    I’d like to visit many countries and get to know their cultures.

    1. All the coffee in Colombia is awesome, the best. You can find many varieties and you can taste it all: normal coffee, cake coffee, coffee sweets (lollies), and many many things with coffee. You will be welcome in Colombia.

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