You will…

The Ace of Hearts means you will travel a lot in your life.

The students of Pre-Intermediate Class B played fortune tellers in the afternoon session last Thursday. In order to play their role well, they had to learn the names of card suits in English first.

Card suits.
Card suits.


Then they selected 13 cards from a deck of playing cards and wrote a future prediction on each card using ‘will’, ‘may’ or ‘might’. When the students were ready, they invited their classmates from another group to come over and have their future told. Reading the future from playing cards is called ‘cartomancy‘. Have a look at the video below and watch the pre-intermediate class students enjoy practising the grammar forms for expressing future events.

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  1. I knew you studied English with playing cartomacy. How was your future predicted? Maybe good luck!
    I draw a fortune slip at the shrine on New Year’s Day. At the beginning of the year, we have a custom to predict the year in Japan. Also I enjoyed watching at the video.

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