Rules and customs in Singapore

In order to practise modal verbs for permission and obligation, Pre-Intermediate B students were given a task to work on. They had to imagine a friend is going to visit their country (or any country of their choice) for the first time. They had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about some rules and customs in the country. Here’s Yuki and Nanako’s presentation about Singapore.

If you go to other country, you have to follow some rules in the country. Today I’d like to introduce  Singapore’s rules.

  1. You shouldn’t throw garbage on the street

If you break this rule, you have to pay 300 dollars as a fine. If you are convicted of throwing three times, you have to clean the street once a week. And you also have to wear a bib saying “I am a litter’’ It’s like the orange T shirt.

  1. You shouldn’t bring chewing gum to Singapore

If you bring chewing gum to Singapore you are punished. But if you bring chewing gum that has medical benefits, this is ok.

  1. You shouldn’t use your left hand

It is considered rude to eat, wave and greet with your left hand because people used to use their left hands in the bathroom for ages.

  1. You have to flush after using toilet

If you forget to flush at a public toilet, you have to pay 150 dollars as a fine.

  1. You shouldn’t walk around your house naked

If you break this rule, you have to pay 1000 dollars or go to prison. Furthermore if you don’t close a curtain when you are naked, you have to pay.

  1. You shouldn’t kiss in public

Handshakes, hugs and light kisses are ok. But you have to save the French kiss for later. If you kiss someone, you have to go to jail for one year.

  1. You shouldn’t take a picture in the metro

If you break this rule, you have to pay 500 dollars as a fine. You also shouldn’t drink or eat in the metro.

Are you ready for Singapore?

Have a lovely trip!

Yuki and Nanako

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4 thoughts on “Rules and customs in Singapore

  1. I haven’t been to Singapore. I have heard that city is clean and beautiful. I knew the reason why Singapore is clean. They have a lot of rules. Japan doesn’t have a system in place to impose fines, but the cities is pretty clean. It might be difficult to be aware of penalties in multi-ethnic countries.
    I will mind my behavior when I visit Singapore some day.

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