I really like eating

I really like eating. Yesterday my breakfast was five pancakes that I made with my friends on a BBQ. His apartment complex poolside has a BBQ so it was very good location. We bought strawberries, fruit salads and we made pancakes. They were really yummy!!! When I have eaten something, I always feel happy!!

I usually eat a lot of meals. When I go to a buffet restaurant, I go to get meals many times. Of course, when I lived in Japan, I ate a lot of meals. I’ll introduce some breakfasts which I’ve eaten.

These pictures were my one time breakfast per picture. I didn’t stop eating.

The pictures above show smaller meals. They didn’t make me full.

So 3 hours later, I could eat it by myself. I was full, and I couldn’t move for a long time. But I was very happy. I’m looking forward to eating a lot of food in Cairns. I’ll try many buffets there.

Maki, Pre-Intermediate B

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12 thoughts on “I really like eating

  1. Wow !! Maki, how do you keep your slender body in spite of eating so much food? It looks so〰yummy. I think you eat well-balanced meals with fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and so on. Eating is the source of your power, isn’t it? You use your energy because you use your brain a lot at CCEB. Please enjoy eating!!

    1. Wow! I think that I really want to eat some delicious foods because of your pictures. It look so delicious… ;_; but I don’t understand your body because you’re always slender!! ><

  2. I can’t believe you ate all of it…You look so skinny! Where did all the food go?? And if you can, please invite me to your breakfast. I wanna watch you eating a lot of food!

  3. I really like eating too! These pictures show a lot of food. I want to eat too. Especially I like sweets.
    These look cute. Well I make cakes and cook meals.

  4. Yummi!!! The small cupcakes in the last pic, they look incredibly delicious! I’d love to try one of these. Whenever you want, feel free to bring some to school. 😉

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