Making friends :-)

Cairns is a very interesting city, I’m enjoying it a lot here, because it’s a cosmopolitan city and you can meet all types of people. I never thought that I could learn of the many countries and how everyone from them is different. Last weekend I moved to my new sharehouse. There are three people living there. Two are from Vietnam and one boy is from the Philippines. They are very friendly and patient with my bad English. They are helping me to improve my English. Last Sunday my roommate introduced me to two Chinese girls. They are couchsurfing around Australia and they cooked dinner for us. I could eat delicious Chinese food and after she took her guitar and played many songs for us. It’s a really beautiful activity, and it was my favourite moment this last weekend.

Jorge, Pre-Intermediate A

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4 thoughts on “Making friends :-)

  1. Jorge, do you remember me? We met at Cairns Central to see the movie “Finding Dory”, but we didn’t get to see the movie because it was full. So we chattered there for a while. You are a nice person. Please make a lot of foreign friends and enjoy your life in Cairns.

  2. It’s a good experience Jorge! I found out the reason why you could speak English so well. In my share house there are also people from many countries. I think I’m lucky because I can learn many languages and culturea. We’ll do our best!!

  3. Owww! Of course I remember it, I’m happy here in Cairns, I hope to continue making many friends from all countries and improving my English as much as I can. Thanks for your time and keep in touch Yoko Oishi

  4. Jorge, your English is good!! I want to eat Chinese food too!! Next time, if you make Colombian food, let me know! haha!

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