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It is believed that Pizza is one of the most popular foods all over the world. Pizza was thought to have been invented by the Italians, which is not correct because it was the Greeks who had the technical idea of this food. It was the traditional flatbread, which was originally dough dressed with olive oil, cheese and herbs, which gave the foundation ingredients for this new invention. It was changed in its recipe many times till it got the composition like we know it nowadays.

Pan pizza
Pan pizza

But there is not only one way to make Pizza: We have different types of dough, for example, the American Pizza dough is supposed to be thick and they call it ‘Pan Pizza’ because it is baked in a pan. Then there is the Italian style of Pizza, which is absolutely the opposite in its thin texture, and besides, it is baked in an oven on stone without a tray.

It is thought to be easy to make delicious Pizza dough, but even though using the same recipe every time, it will not always taste the same. It is the rolling of the dough which is supposed to be the most difficult task in preparing this food. I attempted many times to do best practice and it became increasingly better with each try. My enthusiasm for this popular food had its first footsteps when I went to one of the best and most famous Italian restaurants, which is called ‘Tuscolo’, located in my hometown – Bonn in Germany.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a completely satisfying and perfect method yet but I am curiously interested in hearing your special secrets, and what contributes to a good Pizza in your opinion.

Katrin, Advanced IELTS Class

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