Interesting time at the zoo

I went to the zoo last Saturday with some friends. I had a great time. We went there by car. One of my friends drove it. She looked straight down the road and didn’t look anywhere else while she was driving. Yes! She was so nervous because it was her first time driving in Australia for her. However, her driving was safe.

We saw many kinds of animals birds, crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, etc. There were many bears in the zoo. One of the birds said “Hello!” One time, a bird attacked me, hahaha…. I’m not sure why a bird attacked me as I didn’t do anything to it. However, I enjoyed giving food to the kangaroos. They were very friendly, some ducks were friendly, too. They took the food which I had for the kangaroos. In  the kangaroo zone, there were many pelicans. I was scared when I met them because up close they looked very big. We saw cute koalas, too. We were smiling during our time at the zoo.

After the zoo, we jumped in the sea on our way home. It was a beautiful view. I was surprised. There is a lot of natural beauty in Cairns. I like nature. So l like Cairns a lot. I want to experience more things in Cairns.

Yukari, Intermediate B

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5 thoughts on “Interesting time at the zoo

  1. Yukari, you enjoyed it so much at the zoo. When we see cute animals, we smile unconsciously. They make us happy. OZ has so many places where you can touch animals outside cages. I have been to the small zoo on the top of the Cairns Casino twice. I was interested in walking in a place where many birds with vivid colours were walking or flying. I want to go back to Cairns!

    1. Hello Yoko 🙂 Thank you very much for your reading the blog posts and leaving comments. We miss you in Cairns too 🙂 Let us know if you are planning to come back! 🙂

  2. Yes, I was very nervous… But it was good that you could feel safe with me driving. I had a really good time there.Thank you so much!!!

  3. Hi, Yukari! I envy you. I want to go there. Why didn’t you invite me ? haha Your pictures are very pretty. I hope you have a nice stay.

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