A relaxing day

DSC_0586Last Saturday, the weather was really nice. The sun was shining the whole day. My clothes dried quickly. I didn’t have a plan that day. My host family have a nice yard. There are many flowers, trees and a lot of green grass. I spent the a few hours there without a phone, textbook, notebook or anything else and only had a cup of tea. Then, l felt nice fresh air. I played with my host family’s dog, too. Her name is RUSTY. She looked happy. I had a relaxing day.

Yukari, Intermediate B

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4 thoughts on “A relaxing day

  1. Yukari, it is important to have a relaxing time. You always use your brain for studying English. Of course it is your favorite thing, I know. Also you live in a happy home stay surroundings. I think this experience will help you grow. After I came back to Japan, everyday is my relaxing time. It is boring, so I started going to the gym. And I am planing to go to English lessons. Yukari, I want to see you some day.

    1. Hi, Yoko. Thank you for your funny comment. I could not imagine you bored. But you are going to gym now. I’m also looking forward to meeting you. Keep working on those muscles ;-)!

  2. It’s the best you can do – just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful sunny day. We sometimes forget about enjoying the quiet moments in our busy lives.

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