I followed my friend to look for a new share house. And I met very cute animals. What do you think?????? They are snakes!!!!!

I was excited. I was given a snake by the owner of a share house and the snake coiled around my neck. The texture was very strange. I can’t describe it well but I liked it. I think there are really a lot of kinds of animals in Australia. I hope I’ll be able to meet the ones which I haven’t seen yet.

Maki, Pre-Intermediate B

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4 thoughts on “Snakes!!!

  1. Wow! Maki, I have known that you love animals.
    But you love snakes, too? I was so surprised to see this picture.
    Maki, you love human beings, animals including reptile. It is your talent. You will sure become a wonderful nurse in the veterinary clinic. Your blogs make me happy. Thank you, Maki.

    1. Hi! Maki. I’m Emi! I hate snakes. I can’t believe it. I like animals, but I don’t like reptiles. Do you think they are cute???? You are nice!

  2. Wow, Maki! You’re such a gutsy lady. When you had been working at animal hospital in Japan, you looked after reptiles? I’m sure that you’ll be a wonderful nurse in the veterinary clinic too.

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